Autumn Style Bits

There's nothing I love more than dressing for Autumn. Although I'm hardly a fashion or style expert I love love love shopping for new clothes especially when it's cozy jumpers, boots and coats! I've been really looking lately for some new bits to add to my Autumn wardrobe, and trying to change the way I … Continue reading Autumn Style Bits


Goals for my final year at Uni

There's something about September that always feels like a fresh start, don't you think? It must be the 'new school year' vibes that make it feel as though you have the chance to set yourself some new goals and have a clean slate! For me, I am just about to start my final year at … Continue reading Goals for my final year at Uni

Clinique Mini’s

I've been a fan of Clinique's skincare products for a while now, particularly the anti-blemish range, however I've never really branched out to trying their makeup products or anything really beyond that skincare range that I rave about constantly! Recently, Boots had an offer with Clinique where if you bought 2 items you'd get a … Continue reading Clinique Mini’s

I tried following a YouTube makeup Tutorial? | Shaaanxo ‘The Remix’ Palette

My boyfriend got me the Shaaanxo 'The Remix' palette last Christmas  and ever since I have been using almost every single day to create my makeup looks! I've had this palette for about 7/8 months now and for some reason I am yet to write a blog post about it despite it being one of … Continue reading I tried following a YouTube makeup Tutorial? | Shaaanxo ‘The Remix’ Palette