Goals for my final year at Uni

There’s something about September that always feels like a fresh start, don’t you think? It must be the ‘new school year’ vibes that make it feel as though you have the chance to set yourself some new goals and have a clean slate! For me, I am just about to start my final year at university, and I’m never usually one to set myself ‘New Years Resolutions’ however I do happen to have some goals that I want to work towards during my final year and writing them down may keep me (somewhat) on track! So grab yourselves a cuppa – here are some goals I am setting myself this new Uni year!


1) Try Something New…

So, for the time I’ve been at Uni, other than the few weeks of rowing I did in the first year and the 2 Hot Yoga classes I’ve attended, I am yet to join a society or try out some new classes! I’ve already attempted netball trials to see how I enjoy that but if not it might be something as small as joining the park run every Saturday morning or trying something like a mini archery course or even just gym classes in general as a way to distance myself from uni work from time to time. I just know this year is going to be a hectic one and I find keeping active and setting time aside to do things I enjoy is definitely helpful when you’re stressed over your coursework!

2) Get Organised…

Usually, I’m pretty organised with everything in my life (apart from my bedroom..), however last year, I don’t know how I did it, but I felt like I kept losing my notes and I didn’t know where my work was saved on my laptop half the time and my mind became a fuzzy jumbled mess of cluelessness! I still did really well overall in the year but I could’ve saved myself the long days (and nights) of stressing if I’d just been a bit more organised!

3) Stop studying at home as much…

Again, thinking back to last year I spent a lot of time in my university house, which is fine… but when you eat, sleep, watch tv, do work all in one room it can get a bit claustrophobic and overwhelming! Towards the end of the year I did find myself going to the library more in the evenings to do my coursework and that’s something I’m 100% going to continue this year, especially as the Uni campus is literally a 60 second walk from my house – so where’s my excuse?! Sometimes having a change of scenery is the just what you need to help you focus and get creative!

4) Keep up my Blog/Instagram…

I really enjoy writing my blog and although sometimes I do let it slip a little bit, I’m making a pact with myself to not let it slip during my final year! Just like I was saying about having a physical activity to keep things interesting and to get away from Uni work from time to time, having my blog is like a way to escape, chat and indulge in the things I love! I also love taking and editing photos for the Gram so I definitely don’t want to neglect that either! Photography is a skill I’m so keen to improve and that I’d love to pursue as part of my career so it’s important to me that I try and keep it up as much as I can!

5) Save everything, then save it again, and again….

So picture this: I’ve just gone to turn my laptop on and it’s just giving me a blank screen, typical! A few days before uni starts and my laptop has a mental breakdown! I then realise that all the articles I’ve saved while researching for my dissertation over the summer are saved only on my laptop. A mistake I also made last year. And although now I have successfully coaxed it back into working, who knows when it’ll conk out on me next, so from now on, I am going to try my VERY ABSOLUTE HARDEST to save things not only once, not twice, but THREE times! On my laptop, on Cloud storage and also a USB! God knows I can not afford to be losing my work this year, there ain’t no way!

6) Try not to stress too much about where I’ll end up after Uni

A thought that’s been at the back of my mind for longer than the 2 years I have already been studying my degree is ‘Where will I end up after it, though?’ and to be honest, who knows? I have a passion for writing, photography, video editing, advertising, social media so eventually I’d love to end up in a job where I could do all these things! However, my main focus for this next year is to try and focus on the now. Just recently Gemma Louise posted a blog about why it’s okay to not have a plan, and I completely agreed with her on that one! There are a million different possibilities for what could happen after Uni whether that be a studying a Masters, taking a year to travel, moving back home with my parents, or working in a Marketing related job, but for now I just need to focus on enjoying it while it lasts and doing my best, the rest will all fall into place afterwards.

Do you have any goals that you’re working towards at the moment or any University tips you can share? Let’s chat in the comments! 

Lauren-J xoxo sign off


21 thoughts on “Goals for my final year at Uni

  1. I’m sure you’ll smash your goals lovely! Good luck with the year ahead! I love setting myself goals, deffo does help to keep me focused! x


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