Flawless in 5 with Pixi

So a few weeks ago I won the first competition I’ve ever won in my life and I was so excited that it was by Pixi!

I recently tried their liquid fairy lights and fell in love with them and was in the middle of planning my next order from them when I was announced winner of their #FlawlessInFive Instagram Giveaway! I always see other bloggers receiving the most gorgeous PR packages from Pixi and so when my little parcel arrived in the post – well, excited doesn’t even cover it! I was overwhelmed!

I opened my little package which was wrapped beautifully in Pixi paper and I couldn’t believe how stunning the products were! I received some bits from their latest collaboration with Beauty Guru’s Chloe Morello, WeylieHoang and Dulce Candy as well as a LashLift 118 mascara and the PixiGlow Cake highlighter! I had a busy week at the time I received the package and it was so hard not trying the products instantly because I wanted them to be untouched for the pictures – I’m sure some of you can relate!


Starting with the eyes the Pixi x Weylie Dimensional Eye Creator Kit includes the most perfect palette and eyeliner for everyday makeup looks!  I personally opt for warmer eyeshadows on an everyday basis and this palette has 6 shades that all work perfectly together to create an array of daytime and night-time looks, effortlessly! I love how you could literally apply any mix of colours from this palette to your eyes and it would be a look! They’re all super blendable and pigmented and blend effortlessly. The shade Bomb is so unique to my collection and applied on it own or with a colour in the crease it creates a gorgeous soft smoky effect!

The eyeliner is something that was pretty new to me as I don’t usually go for pen-like applicators or kohl pencils however I’m pleasantly surprised by this one! I do like how you have both options in one product so this, paired with the eyeshadow palette, would be perfect for travelling! However, I did find that the kohl side of the eyeliner was a little bit hard to work with in the waterline and didn’t leave much pigmentation until it actually snapped a little bit and the product underneath seemed to be a bit softer and blacker. The pen side of the eyeliner is very black, very smooth and budgeproof, however, it did bleed a little bit on my eyelids. Nevertheless, I’ve had a bit of fun experimenting with this new style of eyeliner!

The LashLift 188 mascara was also a winner for me, I love how it has two separate wands, a thicker one and a tinier one that slots into it! The smaller brush is so perfect for my lower lashes making it easy to apply my mascara without them going clumpy and spidery! The formula is very separating and lengthening for my lashes and overall, I find mascaras like this very fun – I love this product!

lips and face

For a natural ‘lit from within’ look I love the PixiGlow Cake! I’ve used all shades individually for highlighting and bronzing and I also love swirling my blush through all the shades to create a natural, radiant blush colour! This product is definitely not for a ‘blinding’ look but more of a natural glow which is gorgeous for every day!

The Dulce Lip Candy palette was something I was pretty excited to receive! I’m not usually a pink lip gal (I usually go for darker more muted shades) however I have tried a couple of these on my lips and I did love how they looked! They’re really light and comfortable on the lips but still highly pigmented and last way longer than what I was expecting them to! I do tend to prefer my lipsticks in a stick formula but what I really love this palette for is cream blush! I have no other creamy blushes in my collection at the moment as I never got on with them in the past but I adore using this one for a beautiful and natural flushed look! I’ve also been finding it really nice to match my blush and lip colour which always gives a pretty, put together look!

Finally, the Chloe Morello lip icing is gorgeous! I like to use it over other lipsticks as well as on it own as it’s not an actual colour as such and it lets your natural lip colour shine through adding a 3D glimmer which makes your lips look plump and healthy! I also love that this tastes exactly like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange which just makes it even better and gives me all the Christmas vibes (yes, I said the C word)… It’s also infused with rose hip and morula oil to keep your lips soft and juicy!

As always I’ve prepared some swatches for you to see the colours of the products! These images are unedited so that you can see the true colour payoff!

Lip Candy
Lip Candy
Dimensional Eye Creator Kit Shadow Palette

Overall I’m so happy with all of these products, the packaging is gorgeous and I find myself excited to reach for these every day! I totally get the ‘Flawless in Five’ aspect as a lot of the products are multi use and scream natural, effortless beauty! I would love to try the other products from the collaborations including the Palette Chloette which looks stunning and is basically a full face in one palette and also the Cafe con Dulce multi use palette for your eyes and cheeks! The cream to powder formula of this product is really intriguing to me and I do love a good all over glow!

Lauren-J xoxo sign off


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