Working on my Words…


Hey guys, this is a bit of a different post for me but something that I want to make a more regular thing if I can. Basically, I’m hoping that I can start writing some more lifestyle/personal (anything that isn’t a beauty review) posts because I started my blog writing some of these and I quite miss it – and to be totally honest I don’t always have the extra money to be splurging on new beauty products to write about and I do sometimes (believe it or not) actually think about some interesting stuff that I’d love to start sharing! Some of my favourites posts to read aren’t actually beauty reviews, they’re just rambley posts written by lovely bloggers who are so good with their words that you just can’t help but adore every single one that’s written on their little space on the internet.

Whenever an interesting topic comes to mind that I think would make a good post or that some other people might be interested in discussing I’d love to make more of an effort to write about it! Y’know, those bedtime thoughts that swirl around your brain just as you’re trying to drift off? But to do this I know I need to invest more time and effort in my writing which is something I’ve been really thinking about and wanting to do for a long time now – but I’ve been lacking the confidence. As a past A-level English student who did actually pretty well in her exams, to be feeling like I am now about my writing is slightly frustrating. Lately, I feel as though I’ve been lacking a bit of creative ‘flair’ with my writing and most importantly the passion to write about things that aren’t just your standard ‘review’, so I’ve been trying to pinpoint exactly why I think that may be and what I can do to help myself improve my writing and feel a lot more confident in it.

I remember for my coursework at school I wrote a laborious review of Wagamama which was filled with these complex idioms and adjectives that came from a million and one synonym searches on Google. By my final draft it was actually pretty impressive for a little review on being elbow-to-elbow with a stranger in a restaurant and way beyond what I thought my capabilities were, and now, without my English teacher proof reading my work and pointing out where I could improve my grammar or my descriptions I feel a bit, lost perhaps? Even though this was a good few years ago, now that I’m beginning to think about my blog on a daily basis and trying to expand on things I can share and create, my writing style is something I really really want to work on, and not just in my University essays.

I think this has become more of a concern to me over the past few weeks/months because I’ve been feeling a bit lost within myself. Starting a new part-time job every Summer break and having to ‘fit-in’ with different and new groups of people over and over again has made me question abilities to actually make conversations and more than this trying to make myself seem like an interesting person. Ridiculous right?! Worrying about my abilities to… talk? If you sat down with any of my friends they’d all tell you how I could talk for Wales so why has this even become a concern of mine?! Also, putting yourself ‘out there’ on the internet for friends, family and strangers to read is a something that can be quite daunting and to be honest I think sometimes I allow it to make me feel conscious about the things I write and perhaps how much I write! The fear of failure and judgment is something that affects most of us, but I want to begin making more of an effort to just be myself and stop cutting myself short on posts for fear of being judged on what I write!

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about the things I want to do to try and get my creativity flowing again and feel more inspired and driven to write! We all experience ‘writers block’ from time to time and that’s normal, so I’m going to read even more blogs than I currently do, as often as I can to get inspired by other bloggers and explore different styles of writing! That’ll hopefully help me to get some new ideas for blog posts that I can put my own little twist on, help me get inspired with my photography and editing style which I’ve been working a lot on recently, and also, to just keep getting more involved within the blogging industry will help me feel motivated to write and produce more content that I’m proud of!

I also love to read, particularly books about psychology, autobiographies and books about business and life in general and so I’m planning to make more time to read actual physical books and using that as some time to relax and learn! I’ve also started listening to some more podcasts this week! Some I’m enjoying at the moment are ‘At Home With…’ by Lily Pebbles and Anna Netwon and ‘Adulting’ by Oenone Forbat. I’ve found that just listening to people chatting and laughing about things is just really inspiring because it encourages me to think about different topics and remind myself that I do have an opinion on things – and it’s actually really relaxing!

If you’ve stuck around to the end of this post then I actually applaud and thank you for reading it all! What I’d love to know is what you guys do when you feel like you have some ‘writers block’ or are struggling a little bit with your creativity and self belief? Let me know down below some of your tips on moving onward and upwards and I’ll see you in the next post!

Lauren-J xoxo sign off


23 thoughts on “Working on my Words…

  1. If find that reading a lot of blogs keeps me inspired and helps to improve my writing. There’s so many content creators with amazing word flow and I like to pick out what works and incorporate that in my writing x

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  2. If I’m feeling a bit of a blog block I tend to take a break and read some other blogs to get ideas flowing again. I also love getting out of the house and letting the fresh air work it’s magic! Xx

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  3. I hate having writer’s block but always think the best way to get over it is just to wait! But I also want to develop my writing more and to do that I have to actually write more (deuh) so I want to get into the habit of writing every single day, starting the day off (after breakfast) by just writing an hour or two, writing anything (but will probably mostly be blog posts of course)


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  4. Writers block is the absolute worst and it’s a funk that is so hard to get out of! But I find that by reading loads and keeping a notebook by my bed so I can write any ideas I have in! X

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  5. Writer’s block is the worst! I’m finally feeling inspired to blog again after not having that much inspiration for months. I noticed that once I had the time to read other people’s posts again writing my own posts became much easier as well xx

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