5 Bloggers that Inspire Me

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With blogging becoming more and more of a hobby every single day  and just becoming more popular in general I can’t help but take so much inspiration from the people that I follow to keep learning and progressing with my blog! I thought I’d share with you today some people that really inspire me with their writing, their photography and just their personalities in general! These are the people who’s posts I can’t wait to read and who’s instagram feeds I could spend hours lusting over! Hopefully you’ll find some new bloggers to follow through this post and I hope you enjoy reading it even though it’s a bit different to my usual posts!



I’ll just start by saying if you love dreamy photography and flatlays that make you add 1000 items to your shopping carts then you need to follow Gemma! The thing that inspires me the most about her blog/Instagram is her photography skills – I would literally die to have a feed that looked anything like hers  everything just goes together perfectly! Another thing I love about her blog is that she’s very open with things that most bloggers aren’t such as how to work with brands and how much money you should be making as a blogger which is really nice as I do think we need more transparency within the blogging world and her posts have taught me a lot! Not to mention she also has the cutest baby boy ever and if you go back to the start of her blog you can really see how far along she’s come which shows that even the most successful of bloggers started somewhere! I’m always so inspired by her blog!

you can check out her blog here


Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 12.20.10.png

I’ve followed Lisa’s posts for a while now and I love how fresh and clean her photo’s are! You can always tell when a photo is hers as she has such a simplistic take on photography and has also been experimenting with cinematography lately which looks amazing and I really need to try it myself! I feel like she’s very ‘girl next door’ and relatable and that’s why I love her blog! Her posts on capsule wardrobes have been some of my favourites and I definitely need a clear out after reading them!

you can check out her blog here


Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 12.20.29.png

When I started blogging Liv’s blogs was one of the first I followed! I feel like you can really see how much hard work she puts into her blog and I love that! She’s such a lovely, helpful girl as well and I love seeing her succeed more and more with her blogging career! I remember seeing a lot of crazy makeup looks from her with colourful eyeliner which made her really stand out to me and her gorgeous warm toned Instagram feed is to die for! She posts new content all the time from subscription box reviews to tips on how to grow your blog and you can always rely on her for a deodorant review!

you can check out her blog here

@jazzfranksScreen Shot 2018-07-12 at 12.23.31.png

A little bit of a different one here, but as some of you may know, fitness/going to the gym is a big part of my life! Jazmine was once in Hollyoaks and yes I love that show (I once met some of the cast at the clothes show live and I remember crying my eyes out being totally starstuck… oh to be 13 again..). Anyway, Jazz’s blog is all things fitness, food and lifestyle and I love following her progress with powerlifting – she really inspires me to push harder towards my goals and I feel the way she writes is so relatable that it makes me feel so inspired!

you can check out her blog here

@jodie.melissaScreen Shot 2018-07-12 at 12.21.41.png

Something I love about Jodie is her style! I think she dresses so simple yet sophisticated at the same time and I always love seeing where she gets her clothes from! I’ve also been watching her vlogs on YouTube recently as well, and she seems like the most genuine and down to earth girl on the planet! She also shares a lot of posts about her insecurities and why she chose not to be a full time blogger, and again, posts like this are so relatable and nice to read especially when you feel you’re in the same boat!

you can check out her blog here

So I hope you found some new bloggers that you’d like to follow in this post! I could write about so many more that I love but for now I’ll leave you with these 5! Let me know in the comments below who’s blogs you love reading and who inspires you?

Until next time,

Lauren-J xoxo sign off


38 thoughts on “5 Bloggers that Inspire Me

  1. I love posts like these because I always find new content creators that I may not have found before! I do follow Gemma though, and I aspire to be able to pull off a flat lay like hers!

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  2. Jodie is one of my favourite bloggers – her photos are so gorgeous! I can’t believe I wasn’t following Lisa though! I love bright photos and hers are just that xx

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