Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette | Review

Sold out within an hour of being released this palette has been one on my wish list for a long time now and now after months of lusting over this perfectly instagrammable palette, I finally have it in my collection. But… Were those months of waiting and checking to see if it was in stock or not (and waiting for a cheeky Beauty Bay discount code) worth it? Today I’ll run you through the pros and cons of the Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette even though I’m definitely very late to the party with this one!

I have to admit I didn’t buy this because I’m an avid watcher of Jaclyn Hill’s channel, however this palette was just a bit of me, y’know? And I just had to have it! I don’t know how anybody could look at this palette and not just be astounded by how beautiful and aesthetic it looks? I have to admit I didn’t swatch it for a good while after getting it because I just didn’t want to ruin it and make it dusty and dirty.. anyone else like this? I think the palette definitely represents Jaclyn with the warm smoky and neutral shades but with the added pops of colour in the bottom left hand corner which is really nice as it’s always good to see a reflection of the person who created the palette in the colour selection and design of the product!

The Price

So this palette retails for £37 on the Beauty Bay website which is where I got mine from. So, it’s a bit more expensive than some other Morphe palettes but still works out at near enough £1 per eyeshadow so for that you really can’t go wrong – especially given that Morphe eyeshadows are usually very high quality!

The Packaging

I think the packaging is beautiful! I love the silver and the white together – it looks so clean and minimalistic! However, I don’t think it’ll be one to stay looking picture perfect for long! I have visions of it turning into a muddy rainbow mess before long! The note inside the palette from Jaclyn is also a really nice, thoughtful touch which I’m sure would be so appreciated by her followers!

The Shadows

So, these eyeshadows are equally as lovely as every other Morphe palette I’ve tried in the past! It’s nice that she’s included cool and warm tones to meet everyone’s needs but it is 100% the warmer shadows that make me drool over this palette. I love the transition shades in the top rows because there are a few to choose from unlike the Morphe 320M palette which (although it’s the most beautiful orange toned palette alive) was overall quite dark so I found myself needing other palettes for transition shades and highlight shades especially. The amount of different and creative looks you could make with this palette are endless and all with this single palette. I also adore the shade names of all the colours and the thought that has gone behind every single shade name! Jaclyn has done a swatch video explaining all of the names and you should definitely give it a watch if you’re interested! For now I’ve compiled some swatches with the shade names to give you an overview!

Jaclyn Hill 5Jaclyn Hill 4Jaclyn Hill 3Jaclyn Hill 2Jaclyn 1

While I’ve not used them all on my lids (I’m looking at you, bottom left hand corner gang…) the shades I have used have blended out seamlessly and have been very pigmented and build-able which for me, is great! Some shades like M.F.E.O, silk creme and chip are a bit powdery but for that I’d just suggest you tap off your brush before applying it to your eyes to help it blend better and not go patchy or clumpy looking. When I swatched it with my fingers I noticed immediately that the metallic and shimmer shades felt more buttery and smooth than the mattes but that’s expected due to the different formulas and they’re still beautifully build-able on the lids with an eyeshadow brush! I usually prefer to apply mattes with a brush and shimmers with my finger or even a wet flat brush so this actually is perfect! It’s important to remember though, that the way a shadow swatches with your fingers is different to how it will perform on the eyelid with a brush – but I still wanted to include the swatches to show the colours and their names (and I do love a good swatch myself)!

Also, I feel like the colours make sense together y’know? Like the blue’s and greens are crazy, yes – but with all the mid tone browns a girl could ever dream of in the same palette you can easily combine them to add stunning pops of colour to your eye looks!

Overall, I think a lot of hard work has gone into this palette and it’s definitely paid off! It’s the most beautiful palette in my collection and by far my favourite as well! I always feel inspired when I see it to try out some new colours but also I know that I can also create something very simplistic and wearable in a hurry if I need to!!

Until next time,

Lauren-J xoxo sign off


18 thoughts on “Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette | Review

    1. Yeah same I have visions of like a brown smoky eye with pops of blue but I know it wouldn’t go that good if I did it 😂 maybe one day… thanks for reading lovely! ☺️ x


  1. I’m not an avid Jaclyn Hill viewer either, but this palette has been on my wish list for awhile. I love how it’s both an office/work and hit the town/party palette. I can totally see this being my travel palette, because there’s so much versatility in the shades! Lovely post, thank you for sharing. (:

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    1. You’re totally right I think it would be so good for travel! Even though it’s not the smallest it’s just sooo versatile!! 😁 I’m so glad you enjoyed the post thank you for reading, lovely! 🌷 xx


  2. I heard of this palette because when it came out literally EVERYONE on YouTube was reviewing it so I knew I had to have it, I was even scared that it wouldn’t come out in Europe but thankfully Beautybay came through and sold it on their website! It’s such an amazing palette that I will be using for a looong time!


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