Two from Pixi

If you’ve seen my post of brands I’ve never tried that I’m dying to then you’d know Pixi was on my list of brands to test out – Specifically the liquid fairy lights! Well, as it was my birthday at the start of June these gorgeous glittery liquid eye shadows were at the top of my wish list! They’re very similar to the infamous Stila Magnificent Metals but a bit more natural and almost half the price (£15) which is an absolute win!

These beauties make glitter wearable for everyday! They’re a shimmery glitter shadow with a slim applicator making it so quick and easy to apply in a hurry but also giving enough precision if you want to spend a bit longer on a more glamorous look! When you first apply them they’re glossy and wet feeling which gives you a bit of time to work with them and blend them before they set to a long-lasting finish. I got my set of two from cult beauty in the shades Rose Gold and Bare Brilliance. Both of these are beautiful on their own or as an eyeshadow topper to add depth and dimension and a little bit of something special to any eye look!

I love a bit of glitter as I’m sure we all do, but wearing it during the daytime is not something I’d usually be bold enough to do, however, these creamy liquid shadows have the perfect amount of glimmer and shine to be suitable for the daytime but are also super buildable to create a more dramatic night time look. I think they would be perfect for anything from a festival to a wedding or even just shopping in your local town as they’re so easy to wear. The two colours I picked are also quite neutral so they pair well with lots of makeup looks and outfits – winner! The shade Rose Gold I find beautiful for a natural everyday look without need for any other shadows other than possible an inner corner highlight (because who doesn’t love a blinding inner corner?!) and I love using Bare Brilliance for more of a deep night time sexy smoky eye with a bit of glitter.

*swatches are completely unedited to show the true colour payoff*

Bare Brilliance
Rose Gold
Comparison Swatches

The way I’ve found best to apply these is to simply swipe them across your lid either on top of a primer or on top of a similar colour to add some depth, and then gently buff out the edges with a clean fluffy brush if you’re using it alone or with a bit of your transition shade to blend it all seamlessly and add a bit more dimension and depth to your look! They’re also gorgeous as a pop of glitter in the middle of your eye to add some oomph to an eye look or take it from day-to-night in a matter of seconds and even better still they have 0 fall out so you can apply it after you’ve finished the rest of your face makeup!

As you can probably tell from the photo of me wearing the shade bare brilliance, the shadows blend out a lot more on the lid that how they look in the swatches. They are very buildable and in the light when you turn your head they sparkle a lot more than you can see in this picture (it’s seriously beautiful) but for a simple everyday look the way they blend out like this is perfect for me!

Overall, I’m sooo happy with these glitters. They’re wearable, long lasting and so freaking pretty that I’ll probably end up getting the other 3 at some point very soon!! The other colours include a crystal white colour, a gorgeous gold shade and a coppery bronze that I’m dying for!

Do you like to wear glitter everyday? And do you own any of these Pixi beauties?


15 thoughts on “Two from Pixi

    1. I don’t usually either but these are actually so nice!! As long as you blend the crease they’re really beautiful! 😊 thanks for reading lovely! 💓


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  2. These are so so pretty! I’m the biggest makeup novice and I tend to stick within my comfort zone but these are so subtle and pretty – you could use them for so many looks too! xx

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